• Reset Relationships 


    If you aren't getting from your Teen the respect and cooperation what you need, the answer is simple: Reset and Re-negotiate. It's like rebooting a computer!!!

    Our goal is to help you "Re-negotiate" with your child. It happens when we as parents clearly outline what we expect and then we take new action as needed. We can't keep doing what we have been doing and then expect a different result! Even just understanding that we are always in a constant state of negotiation will help you make better negotiations. In the past, many times you may not have negotiated very well because you didn't really understand you were in a negotiation process or the how high the stakes were in the negotiation. Now you do!! Fast Track Program is the perfect tool in resetting your Parent Child Relationship and Re-negation that you as the parent are in the drivers seat. Expectations, Home Rules, Education and Attitude will be reestablished based upon the Parents and Family standards and Teen will have to agree to these. This is first step of many in re-negation your relationship with your teen.

    Motivation is the key to your Teen's success!!

    Change the Motivation you change everything else.


    So, if your Teen is not being responsive to you or to your house rules and standards, or even worse you're Teen outright ignores, defies, or walks on you. It is probably time to make Massive Changes to motivate them.

    The best key to motivating your Teen is a solid and productive relationship with them. However, if your relationship is not where you would like it to be, you may need to create some leverage until your relationship can get there. Leverage gives you the ability influence and motivate your teen on the long term. Leverage occurs when a person holds the keys to things that motivate another person. Supervisors, Coaches, Teachers often have a great deal of leverage as a result.

  • Fast Track ProgramOverview

    Fast Track is a high intensity program for Struggling Teens. It is specially designed to get fast results thereby saving Teens and their Families a lot of time, money, hardship, and grief. More importantly it can get Teens the help they need with the least amount of disruption to them and their Family.

    Fast Track was developed over 25 years with some important discoveries on techniques that quickly address the core issues affecting almost all Struggling Teens. The main goal is to properly motivate the Teen. We know, through years of experience, that most Teens do not lack the ability to respect parents, teachers, and follow home or school rules; they are just not motivated to do so. Fast track is designed to change the Teen's motivation thereby changing their attitudes, behaviors, and interaction with others. Through 24 hour a day staff supervision and direction these changes are maintained and continually improved.

    Fast Track is an effective educational process where Academics is emphasized but students are also educated in Important Life skills. This is enhanced through daily character building courses, effective seminars, challenging activities, and specially designed exercises that teach Teens how to listen, follow directions, and respect authority.

    Fast Track's unique motivational and educational programs create its success.

    Enrollment at Fast Track is flexible which means enrollment can be as short as 21 days or as long as a year or more. However, in most cases Fast Track can get sufficient results in 21 days. In fact, Fast Track stands behind its 21-day Results with these two Very Important Warranties:

    1.   If teen is recommended to go home after 21-day program, the teen is eligible for after care coaching and continued education allowing the teen to do online accredited school work.

    2.   After a Teen completes 21 days of the Fast Track Program, if their parents for any reason feels it is best the Teen stays in the Program the parents can have the Teen continue in the program for as long as the parent chooses at 50% off tuition on a month to month basis.* Fast Track can only do this because most Teens are ready after 21 days to return home and succeed.

    3.   If any Teen after completing at least 21 days of the Fast Track Program slips back into past attitudes or behaviors after returning home anytime before reaching age 18, they may be re-enrolled in Fast Track for a 7 day refresher course absolutely FREE.*

    No other Program provides these kinds of Warranties, has this kind of flexibility, or can save you this kind of time and money.

  • Daily Process 

    The Fast Track program provides a structured environment and well-balanced daily schedule. This includes academic classes, character building courses, physical fitness programs, emotional growth and personal development courses, interactive progress reviews, periodic seminars and appropriate amount of recreation. Students are kept constructively busy with a variety of daily learning and growth opportunities.

    Daily Schedule

    • 7:00 AM INSPECTION

    • 7:30 AM BREAKFAST
    • 9:00 AM CLASS

    • 9:30 AM CLASS
10:30 AM BREAK
11:00 AM CLASS
    • 11:30 AM CLASS
    • 12:00 PM LUNCH
    • 1:30 PM CLASS
    • 2:00 PM CLASS
    • 3:00 PM READING
    • 3:30 PM CLASS
    • 4:30 PM P.E.
    • 5:00 PM P.E.
5:30 PM P.E.

    • 7:30 PM BREAK
    • 9:00 PM REFLECTION
    • 9:30 PM SHUTDOWN

    Students wake up, make their bed, straighten their belongings, complete cleaning assignments, dress in uniform, and finish morning hygiene and grooming.


    Morning meal.

    Class and Evening Class

    Students participate in academic courses conducted by a teacher or a teacher's aide.

    Progress Review

    Progress review is an hour a day. It is group meeting led by the students’ family representative. The students are each given an opportunity to share about choices that led them to the program, issues they are working on, progress they have made, plan of action for them moving forward, after etc. Once the student shares, the other students and family rep provide feedback. This promotes growth and honesty in Students as they learn to be honest with themselves and with others.

    Exercise Drills

    Students participate in drills that teach them to listen, obey orders, follow directions, and respect authority. This includes marching in unison, saluting authority, and changing directions upon rapid-fire commands. When practiced over and over again daily old habits and behaviors of being defiant, argumentative, oppositional, ignoring commands, slow to respond, and refusing to follow directions are replaced with new habits of listening, obeying orders, following directions, and showing respect for authority. The military learned a long time ago, that such positive behaviors start becoming internalized, ingrained, second nature or habit for the participant when drills are done for a 30 to 60 day period. This provides Students the changes and catalyst needed to succeed moving forward.


    2nd meal of the day.

    Character Building Classes

    Provided daily are character building and personal development courses. These courses utilize many of the best available resources such professional audio and videotapes, selective reading material, and peer & staff feedback. These courses are very effective in helping students gain new insight, motivation and direction on a day-to-day basis.


    The students participate in P.E. Courses and earn academic credit by participation. We have indoor and outdoor facilities to ensure daily stimulation.


    The 3rd and last meal of the day. A fruit snack is offered around 8 p.m.


    This is structured and supervised time that students can relax, read, write letters, draw, play board games, or card games. Reading - Students read approved books that are inspirational, self-help or insightful. Reading is one of Life's most critical skills. For this reason reading is an important component of our daily schedule. Reading material that fosters personal growth provides a double benefit to the students.


    Students reflect on the day and write down what they are learning, progress they are making and outline goals.

  • Academics

  • About UsWhat we do


    The Academic system at Fast Track is a performance-based system where students are awarded credits by demonstrating competency in any subject matter. This allows student to move at their own pace and maximize their personal academic progress. This can allow students to often catch up if behind or even accelerate their academic progress. Furthermore, Students are expected to master each class with 80% or higher competency before progressing to the next required course.. This insures that Students are properly prepared as they move into higher-level courses thereby keeping Academics success oriented. Students who are struggling (C or D grade) are not allowed to move on to more difficult courses where they are apt to struggle even more making Academics an ever spiraling down system. If students don't demonstrate mastery of the subject (A or B grade) they are shown what subject matter they must improve and can immediately focus their attention to those areas until they demonstrate competency, then they may progress to the next course! While this may slow the Student down temporarily in the long run it speeds up their progress as they enter higher-level courses better prepared to succeed and not struggle due to not fully understanding the base concepts taught in pre-requisite classes. Again, this keeps Academics very success oriented and fast moving.

    Fast Track has a large selection of required and elective Academic courses offered. Not only do our Students get the opportunity to study in the traditional format using textbooks but they are able to work with new technology by using the Switched on Schoolhouse System. Switched on Schoolhouse is a comprehensive curriculum that offers computer-based learning for grades 3-12. With 3-D animation, video clips, and other fascinating multimedia, Switched-On Schoolhouse is the perfect supervised individual study curriculum for today’s generation. With this flexible, best-selling curriculum and our success oriented system, Fast Track teachers can customize students’ learning to fit individual educational needs which can help to get them back on track with their academics or even accelerate ahead.

    Character Building Classes

    Fast Track provides character-building, skill building, and personal development courses several times a day. These courses utilize many of the best available resources such professional audio and video tapes, selective reading material, and peer & staff feedback. These courses are very effective in helping students gain new insight, motivation and direction each and every day.

    Seminars and Workshops

    Students get to attend Seminars and Workshops that center on critical life experiences, self-esteem, self-limiting beliefs, enhancing family and peer relationships, family interaction, response to authority and agreements, communication and value based living. Parents also get to attend Seminars and Workshops that focus on some of the same things that the Students experience but also add in depth exploration of what is preventing someone from achieving maximum potential life lessons. We focus on both the individual and the family unit and bring them together to get them back on track to being whole.

    Physical Fitness and Exercise

    Physical Fitness and Exercise is an important part of Fast Track. It helps students not only physically but also mentally, and emotionally as well. Therefore, Fast Track includes daily exercises and participation in PE. It also has some special exercises that not only help students with physical fitness but is also designed to help students learn to listen, follow directions, and respect authority.

    24-Hour Supervision

    One of the most important components of the Fast Track Program is the 24-hour a day Staff Supervision and Direction. Staff help Teens succeed and stay on track. This means providing firm boundaries and discipline if needed. It also means providing friendly encouragement and positive reinforcement. Through an effective merit and demerit program, Staff help Teens replace inappropriate attitudes and behaviors with new productive ones. Staff are present to help Teens every step of the way.

    Motivation Process

    The Overall design of Fast Track is to quickly change a Teen's motivation. Motivation affects school performance and functionality at home. We have found that most struggling Teens do not lack the ability to be respectful, do their work, obey directions, or follow rules. They are just not motivated to do so! We have developed an effective process to motivate Teens. This has been developed over a period of 25 years with many important discoveries. Fast Track Students benefit from this critical component of the program.

  • Character Building

  • LocationCentral Louisiana

    Central Louisiana

    Fast Track is located in the heart of Louisiana. Its rural setting provides a safe, clean, distraction-free environment to help our students get back on track. There is no better place to get a feel for the past and all of its history. Located very close is the Southern Heritage Forestry Museum, which is a historic sawmill that exposes you to logging at its birth. The area is also known as the Nursery Capital of the world because of the many different types and abundance of nurseries in the State. There are many forests in our area that allow students to experience hiking while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Another great feature is Avery Island, a salt dome that is not only a natural paradise with wildlife and botanical treasures but also the home of Tabasco sauce. This area boasts a pleasant climate and provides numerous outdoor activities for Teens to enjoy including off grounds activities when earned and appropriate.

  • Seminars and Workshops

  • Physical Fitness

  • 24-Hour Supervision

  • Motivation Process

  • Effective Program

    • Fast Results
    • Less Cost
    • Warranty
  • Home Cost The Price of Living with a Difficult Teen

    Most Parents report to us that the additional cost of maintaining an out of control Teen is their home is way more than $190 a month. Here are just a few of the expenses they have mentioned to us:

    • 1.Time, money, and gas spent looking for their Teen or tracking them down
    • 2.Time, money, and gas spent on school, principal, or teacher conferences
    • 3.Time, money, and gas spent on visits to the Hospitals or Clinics
    • 4.Time, money, or gas spent meeting with law enforcement
    • 5.Things stolen from parents or home
    • 6.Damages to their home or property
    • 7.Loss of time at work or productivity at work due to stress
    • 8.Restitution to others due to actions of their Teen
    • 9.Legal Fees
    • 10.Medical Fees

    NOTE: Just one restitution, legal fee, or medical fee can result in being several thousands of dollars or several times $190 per month